I want to know just how many of you cheap fucks are going to put your money where your mouths are and donate to Hal Turner this new year! You all know I can't do it because I keep shorting out the electric motor on my wheelchair everytime I shit on it, which is often. What can I say? I have absolutely no control over my bowels. Haven't in many years, now. This is why my custom made wheelchair seats also get ruined every time I shit on them, too. Depends? Forget it. When my bowels get loose, it's like a 10 gauge round going through a cardboard target. Besides, my monthly Depends bill is also running neck to neck with what I spend on new motors and seats, which are INCREDIBLY expensive, so I want all of you cheap bastards to dig into your wallets deep this coming year and donate HEAVILY to the great Hal Turner so that he can not only remain on the air, but continue his important work helping the FBI to imprison or kill every last neo-Nazi on the face of the planet. *NM*

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