That's cuz that tuff white ass muthafucka gits shit done unlike you sycophantic cocksuckers always tryna make a goddamned muthafuckin ass outa him every goddamned day!🖕🖕🖕🖕 *PIC*

Why in the fuck would I pinch-hit Brett for fuckin Miller? Miller started the fuckin game; he's playin against left-handed fuckin pitchers; Brett is NOT playing against left-handed pitchers, so why in the fuck would I bat for Miller? You think I'm a goddamned fool? Stay the fuck out of my office if all you're going to do is ask me stupid ass fucking questions. I try to be nice and courteous and you cocksuckers take advantage of the fucking situation. You try to make a fuckin ass out of me every goddamned fucking night. Well this is the LAST fucking night!

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