The intrepid Alex Linder is going to slay yet another racial dragon for us: the Amish! YAYYYYYYYY!! GO VNN!!!!!!!! Apparently he thinks the Amish let their horses shit on dirt roads a bit too often, thus, they're now fair game for Linderwitz. And why not? Instead of going after anybody with any real power, Linderwitz's hero and sugar-daddy, Rabang Flounder Glenn Miller, murdered three innocent nonjews: a middle aged woman, a young boy and his grandfather. Funny how Flounder's actions yielded no negative repercussions for VNN/VNNF from ZOG. None. Neither Linderwitz nor any of the bootlickers remaining in his forum have any clue as to why Linderwitz no longer has any relevance in the movement, that is, if any of them even recognize this glaringly obvious fact in the first place. *NM* *LINK*

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