The SPLC or ADL probably knows far more about what Cobb is up to these days than anybody at SF, VNN or even Cobb himself, since Craig always likes to apprise the kikenvermin of whatever plans he has well in advance of anybody else so that those plans can be easily thwarted. I wonder what either Craig Cobb or Will Williams would think about the way Linderwitz bashes William Pierce these days? Hard to tell since both Cobb and Williams, supposedly two of Linderwitz's favorite colleagues, were long ago banned from VNNF and remain so to this day. And yet Linderwitz gave Elisha Strom mod status at VNNF years ago at a time when Elisha was simultaneously feeding info about her then hubby, Kevin Alfred Strom, to law enforcement. I swear, you can't make this shit up! *NM*

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