One can & probably should strike a medium between "yes sir/no sir, thank you officer" & "fuck you pig" when dealing with pigs, because regardless of the "serve & protect" kosher fairy tales shoved down our throats on a daily basis, the doughnut eaters can do pretty much anything they want to you or me with ZERO accountability, which, among other reasons, is why we DO NOT live in a "free country" as the patriotards keep asserting. Peetie was a wackjob, but that's a consequence for far too many White men after living a lifetime in a jewed society, despite the fact that Peetie didn't fully understand or appreciate the concept of race (or even kikes given his adulation of "Uncle Fester" & Rabbi Rivero). However much of a nutbar Peetie ultimately was, the badgefags still don't have the right to be his or anybody else's prosecutor, judge, jury & executioner over and above what they get paid to do by the (White) taxpayers, which is to plunder the (White) taxpayers as much as possible for ZOG. *NM*

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