OHHHHHH GROSSSSSS!!! Hi guys! New semester just started, the dorms at the local college are full again, so I got together earlier tonight with a skinny, sophomore liberal arts major with the BEST bubblebutt I've seen in a long time! I slid the condom on, greased up his hole and started pumping. Went great for a few minutes until I gave him the reach around: the moment I started fondling his cock, he FUCKING PISSED ALL OVER ME AND THE FLOOR!! And I don't mean just a few drops, but like a BUCKET FULL!! I immediately stopped pumping, but as soon as I popped my dick out of his hole, he instantly PROJECTILE SHIT ALL OVER ME AND THE ROOM!! Not just a small turd or a few drops but it was as though a couple GALLONS OF DIARRHEA EXPLODED ALL OVER THE PLACE!! For the finale of his trilogy, he fucking VOMITED ALL OVER ME AND THE FLOOR then passed out cold!!! Turns out the little twink was DRUNK AS A SKUNK!! Seriously, who the FUCK GETS DRUNK ON A COLLEGE CAMPUS ON FRIDAY NIGHT?????? *NM* *PIC*

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