So I'm on this commuter train Friday night going from the city to the suburbs and two NIGGERS get on with bikes. Train is crowded and conductor announces bikes are not allowed on rush hour trains even when they aren't crowded. NIGGERS won't get off and wait for a later train. Instead they hold out until the conductor finally announces that the train won't move until the STUBBORN MULE NIGGERS and their bikes are off the train. NIGGERS finally comply but not without being NIGGERS. They go into these profanity-laced tirades more than once declaring "SUCK MY DICK!". The Trump hating dickbags here can talk all kinds of shit about the WHOLE WORLD HATING RACISTS. I say that's BULLSHIT. I say being a fucking racist is still a fuck of a lot better than being a GODDAMN NIGGER ALWAYS TRYING TO GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING and who CANT FUCKING BEHAVE in a civilized society. Enslave them? I want nothing to do with them. I say kill or deport. They don't belong with us. Send them back! *NM*

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