Sorry, but I have other problems right now. I'm STILL trying to cleanse myself of the stench from that skinny twink I assfucked a few night ago, when he pissed, shit and vomited all over me!! Jesus Christ! When you're jackhammering a dude's bum, he's NOT supposed to bombard you with projectile diarrhea when you yank your cock out of his hole!! Neither is he supposed to piss all over you when you give him a reach around!! And what's the deal with the vomiting??? Blowjobs aren't supposed to induce that!!! I swear that some of these little twinks stoke up on multiple servings of Taco Bell or Burger King prior to getting fucked just so they can unload on you and make your life miserable. This happens to me a LOT and I think it's because some of these dudes I assfuck are GAY, because let me tell you, I sure a hell am not! Really, I am NOT GAY, no matter what Wood Chippers, Inc., or any of the other latent faggots around here say: I AM NOT, NOT, ***NOT*** GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *NM* *PIC*

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